Congressman Pat Meehan

Pat Meehan is a tireless voice for the hardworking taxpayers in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District. He’s fighting everyday to first and foremost put Pennsylvanians back to work, reduce our debt and eliminate regulations that hinder job creation.

Washington regulations, red-tape and debt are holding back our economy and stifling small businesses and innovation. To get America back to work, we need to cut wasteful federal spending, balance the budget, and end the nightmare of Washington DC’s bureaucracy. That’s what Congressman Meehan is committed to doing.

As a District Attorney and U.S. Attorney, Pat Meehan dedicated his work to fight terrorism, gang-crime, child-internet safety, and corrupt public officials. Now, he is using that experience to strengthen our nation’s protections against cyber attacks, prevent sexual assault on college campuses, and to hold the Obama Administration accountable for the disastrous rollout of Obamacare as well as scandals like Benghazi and Fast and Furious.