Chairman’s Club

The Chairman’s Club provides the foundational support for everything we do at MCRC. From the production of sample ballot mail pieces to Election Day handouts and operating expenses, the financial backing of our Chairman’s Club members is critical to our Party’s promotion of Republican candidates. It also makes possible the grassroots commitment to our almost 800 committee people, who work to elect Republican candidates from local office and school board to Governor and President.
Please join our efforts today!

Membership Benefits

Chairman’s Club ($1,000): Membership among top Republican leaders & activists in Montgomery County. Provides political networking opportunities with invitations to Chairman’s and MCRC events throughout the year.

Eisenhower Circle ($2,500): Membership includes all the benefits of Chairman’s Club for three (3) individuals from the same organization in addition to access to special receptions throughout the year.

Reagan Circle ($5,000): Membership includes all benefits of the Eisenhower Circle for four (4) individuals, as well as access to special Chairman’s events and exclusive VIP receptions prior to Party gatherings in the Spring and Fall. Also included at this level is a half-page advertisement in our program booklets. One individual will receive complimentary admission to our Spring & Fall VIP receptions throughout the year.

Lincoln Circle ($10,000): Our Lincoln Circle members are the top supporters of the Republican Party and its candidates in Montgomery County. All of the above benefits are included in membership, in addition to a full page ad in the Spring & Fall program booklets and two complimentary admissions to each VIP reception.

If you are interested in joining the MCRC Chairman’s Club, please email

(Corporate contributions prohibited. Contributions to the Montgomery County Republican Committee are not deductible for income tax purposes. Cash contributions not accepted. We are required to report the name and address as well as occupations and employers of persons or committees whose aggregate contributions exceed $250 per year. All individuals whose aggregate contributions exceed $50 are required to provide name and address.)