2018 Candidates

Offices to be Elected in 2018 & Republican Candidates

United States Senator
Congressman Lou Barletta

Governor & Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania
Sen. Scott Wagner & Jeff Bartos

Representative in Congress
1st District (part): Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick
4th District (part): Dan David
5th District (part): Pearl Kim

Senator in the General Assembly
4th District (part): James Williams
12th District (part): Stewart Greenleaf
24th District (part): Sen. Bob Mensch
44th District (part): Sen. John Rafferty

Representative in the General Assembly
26th District (part): Rep. Tim Hennessey
53rd District: Andy Szekely
61st District: Rep. Kate Harper
70th District: Chris Mundiath
131st District (part): Rep. Justin Simmons
146th District: Rep. Tom Quigley
147th District: Rep. Marcy Toepel
150th District: TBD
151st District: Rep. Todd Stephens
152nd District (part): Rep. Tom Murt
153rd District: Douglas Beaver
154th District: Kathy Bowers
157th District (part): Rep. Warren Kampf
166th District (part): Baltazar Rubio
194th District (part): Sean Stevens