2018 Candidates

Offices to be Elected in 2018 & Endorsed Republican Candidates

United States Senator
Congressman Lou Barletta

Governor of Pennsylvania
Sen. Scott Wagner

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania
Jeff Bartos

Representative in Congress
1st District (part): Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick
4th District (part): Dan David
5th District (part): Pearl Kim

Senator in the General Assembly
4th District (part): James Williams
12th District (part): TBD
24th District (part): Sen. Bob Mensch
44th District (part): Sen. John Rafferty

Representative in the General Assembly
26th District (part): Rep. Tim Hennessey
53rd District: Andy Szekely
61st District: Rep. Kate Harper
70th District: Chris Mundiath
131st District (part): Beverly Plosa-Bowser
146th District: Rep. Tom Quigley
147th District: Rep. Marcy Toepel
148th District: TBD
149th District: TBD
150th District: Rep. Michael Corr
151st District: Rep. Todd Stephens
152nd District (part): Rep. Tom Murt
153rd District: Douglas Beaver
154th District: Kathy Bowers
157th District (part): Rep. Warren Kampf
166th District (part): Baltazar Rubio
172nd District (part): TBD
194th District (part): Sean Stevens

Member of Republican State Committee
19 seats: 9 men, 9 women, 1 either
Ralph Grasso
Alexis Mechalas
Pam Levy
Renee Amoore
Jim Saring
Dave Shaw
Robert R. Griffith
David Michelbacher
Nancy J. Becker
Merry Woods
Anthony W. Spangler
Jack A. Parry
Barbara Bustard
Mary C. McMonagle
Dee Barnes
France W. Krazalkovich
Patrick J. Stanton
Lynne Lechter
Gilbert Cox

Republican Committeeperson
850 seats: 2 in each of 425 voting precincts