2017 Candidates

Offices to be Elected in 2017

Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Justice Sallie Mundy

Pennsylvania Superior Court
Judge Emil Giordano
Judge Wade Kagarise
Judge Mary Murray
District Attorney Craig Stedman

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court
Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon
Paul Lalley

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
Judge Joseph Walsh

Montgomery County Jury Commissioner
Jury Commissioner Merry Woods

Magisterial District Judges
District 38-1-01: Mike Altieri
District 38-1-08: Judge Kate McGill
District 38-1-10: Judge Patricia A. Zaffarano
District 38-1-11: Judge Scott T. Palladino
District 38-1-14: Judge Paul N. Leo
District 38-1-18: Judge Andrea Duffy
District 38-1-19: James J. Crawford
District 38-1-21: Judge Robert M. Sobeck
District 38-1-22: Judge Harry J. Nesbitt III
District 38-1-24: Judge Albert J. Augustine
District 38-2-02: Maureen Coggins
District 38-2-08: Judge Jay S. Friedenberg

School Directors

Abington School Director
Joseph J. Rooney
Jocelyn Jones Pickford
John J. Monaghan
Angelica Belka
Renee McCullough (2 year term)

Boyertown Area School Director
Region 2: Dana Knowlton
Region 3: Roger A. Updegrove

Bryn Athyn School Director
Keith Hyatt
Gregory Odhner
Duncan B. Pitcairn
Thomas Treacy

Cheltenham School Director
Gary D. Colby
Myron Goldman
Ken Moskowitz
Kyle Venit

Colonial School Director
Bernie Brady

Hatboro-Horsham School Director
Louis A. Polaneczky
Eric Coombs
Tara Conner-Hallston
James H. Greenhalgh
Marian McCouch
Theresa Harmon (2 year term)

Lower Merion School Director
Milssa Tadeo
Terry Spahr
A.J. Kait

Lower Moreland School Director
Howard Patent
Lance Wolbransky
Michael A. Berardi
Steven Geiger

Methacton School Director
Brenda G. Hackett
Candy E. Allebach
Herbert V. Rothe III
Karen S. Vavra

Norristown Area School Director
John C. Holland

North Penn School Director
Patrick A. McGee, Jr.
Thomas Mancini
Frank O’Donnell
Josephine Charnock
Michelle L. Rupp (2 year term)

Perkiomen Valley School Director
Mallory Perlin
Richard A. Bouher
Diane C. Landes
Rachael K. Charyna

Pottsgrove School Director
Scott Hutt
Matt Alexander
Robert Lindgren

Pottstown School Director
Thomas Hylton
David A. Miller

Souderton Area School Director
William J. Brong
Stephen M. Nelson
Matt Holliday
Janet Flisak

Springfield School Director
Edward F. Koehler

Spring-Ford School Director
Region 2: Clinton L. Jackson
Region 3: Christine Melton
Region 3: Robert A. Weber

Upper Merion Area School Director
At-Large: Michelle Barainyak
Region 1: Ted Walmsley
Region 2: Michelle Barainyak

Upper Moreland School Director
Shone Fix
David Hakes
Brian Davis

Wissahickon School Director
Charles McIntyre
Rona Sisson
Barbara W. Ullery
Jay Gelman

Municipal (Township / Borough) Officials


Township/Borough Offices (Mayors/Tax Collectors/Council Members/Supervisors/Commissioners/Auditors)
Judges and Inspectors of Election

Judicial Retentions (General Election Only)
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Thomas Saylor – Vote YES
Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Jackie Shogan – Vote YES
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Del Ricci – Vote YES