2017 Candidates

Offices to be Elected in 2017

Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Justice Sallie Mundy

Pennsylvania Superior Court
Judge Emil Giordano
Judge Wade Kagarise
Judge Paula Patrick
District Attorney Craig Stedman

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court
Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon
Paul Lalley

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
Judge Joseph Walsh

Montgomery County Jury Commissioner
Jury Commissioner Merry Woods

Magisterial District Judges
District 38-1-01: Mike Altieri
District 38-1-08: Judge Kate McGill
District 38-1-10: Judge Patricia A. Zaffarano
District 38-1-11: Judge Scott T. Palladino
District 38-1-14: Judge Paul N. Leo
District 38-1-18: Judge Andrea Duffy
District 38-1-19: James J. Crawford
District 38-1-21: Judge Robert M. Sobeck
District 38-1-22: Judge Harry J. Nesbitt III
District 38-1-24: Judge Albert J. Augustine
District 38-2-08: Judge Jay S. Friedenberg

School Directors
Township/Borough Offices (Mayors/Tax Collectors/Council Members/Supervisors/Commissioners/Auditors)
Judges and Inspectors of Election

Judicial Retentions
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Thomas Saylor – Vote YES
Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Jackie Shogan – Vote YES
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Del Ricci – Vote YES